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We started out by questioning the way things are done and being single-minded in our determination to improve them. Everything we do is driven by a simple yet powerful belief that everyone in Africa has the right to a better live. This vision has helped us developed well-tailored and innovative software solutions in major sectors in Africa. Our aim is to deploy second-to-none technologies to drive productivity, efficiency and growth - Omale Emmanuel Enemona. Founder/CEO.
  • Dilivas

    Dilivas renders convenience to modern households and office's doorsteps: users can locate nearby restaurants, order their favorite meals and it is delivered at the quickest time. Weekly boxes of fresh and local ingredients pre-measured to match corresponding recipes, which make “do-it-yourself fine dining” possible without long trips to the grocery store or Local market.

    Menus are created by local nutritionists six weeks in advance and are tailored to match each market’s seasonality and market prices.
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  • TadPay

    TadPay is a financial solution focused on connecting the Nigerian population earning petty money to easy, fair and affordable financial service, helping them save, invest and make online payments. We also believe that beyond the unserved population of Nigeria, every Nigerian should be encouraged to save and invest petty money

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  • Grid Data Manager

    Grid Data Manager is a mobile data management engine that puts you in control of the applications that access your mobile data by letting you determine what app should consume your mobile data, preventing unwanted background processes and ultimately helping you save money. With Grid Data Manager, you can do more with your mobile data as it allows you do app-by-app data assignment. You have control over all your applications independently(both system and installed application).

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  • Hunters Nigeria

    We have observed huge gaps in the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for various job positions (either permanent or temporary) within organizations. These gaps include costs, turn around time, poor quality of talent recruitments, limited use of up to date recruitment technologies, etc., in Africa.

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  • CodeCradle is set-out to produce technology innovator so that Africa can transit rapidly from marginal to the mainstream of the global economy. We understand that this is a major milestone as we would have to restructure processes in Nigeria and that is why we're focusing on the educational system. The educational system in Nigeria and Africa is in a mess; we are face with an educational system that continually produces robots and not innovators so we have decided to start our purging from the root which is the educational system. How do we achieve these? We shall constantly organize tech workshop & conferences, set-up tech challenge, create mentoring platform for detected young geeks. All this actions are set out majorly to reach the primary and secondary school’s children in order to instill in them innovative culture at the early stage of their lives

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We're Building The Africa We Deserve

Our future-focused approach to new product development makes our services enduringly adaptable. Our flexible and dynamic business model keeps us at the forefront of Africa's innovation. And by listening to customers, we ensure that our solutions are constantly evolving to meet their needs.

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